Friday, April 18, 2008

Wonderful World of Blogging

my sister holly has been telling me for months to get a blog spot and i have finally surcummed to the world of blogging, and i must say it is a wonderful world.
i have back logged from myspace blogs, but i look forward to sharing my memories and also being on the receiving side as well!!

Cookie Monster

april 1, 2008
elizabeth is such a cookie monster!! it's the funniest site to watch when she gets her hands on a cookie.

Easter Egg Hunt

march 22, 2008
every year my parents have an easter egg hunt at their home. first all the grandkids get to dye the eggs and then while we eat lunch my parents go hide all the eggs and treats. this was elizabeth's first year to participate and it was so fun to watch her face when she found an egg!

this is right before the hunt, we are getting elizabeth ready to head out there with all the other grandkids. elizabeth is the youngest of 11 grandkids.

Here are all the grandkids...Turners; Hayley, Jaden, Mariah, Isabella & Gabriel. Taintors; Kennedy, Seth & Caleb. Taintors-McIntrye; Kateyann & William. Rodgers; Ellie...Okay, it was the funniest thing, Elizabeth was crying during the pictures cause she DOES NOT like the grass touching her, weird I know..but at the same time she was freaking out, she was trying to eat her candy..haha.

i'm going to blog about easter sunday too, cause it was a wonderful day. elizabeth leavitt, ellie's name sake returned home from her mission and we had the priveledge to hear her speak in sacrament meeting. it was a wonderful meeting and the spirit was so strong. it was so amzing listening to elizabeth and the transformation she has made!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

march 17, 2008
this blog is more about how elizabeth just adores her papa then it is about st. patrick's day. I do want to say though, that I did go into labor on st. patrick's day and since ryan has so much irish blood in him, i thought for sure i'd have her on st. paddy's day and she'd have a full head of red hair...but her spanish blood came through for me :)

on st. patrick's elizabeth and i went up and visited my dad. one of her favorite things my dad does with her is lets her jump off the refigerator to him. she loves it, almost as much as she loves papa.

Happy Birthday Ellie Jeanne the Queen

march 18, 2007
i can’t believe my baby girl is a year old! i can remember the first moment I saw her like it was yesterday. i was overwhelmed with love for her! my family called me a baby hog for so long, cause i rarely would let others hold her, cause i just wanted to keep her close and whisper i love you to her. she has added so much to our lives, and her tiny body almost can’t contain her strong spirit.
i have to admit that on her birthday i was very sad and weepy all day cause i just couldn’t believe that a whole year went by. i’m very happy though that she has learned so much and taught us even more this last year.

we are so lucky that we have so many great friends in our life to celebrate special occasions with us. we had a party for elizabeth and just about everyone showed up. it was great to see so many people that we care about support us once again.

Will and Emily, with their cute baby Grechen. Grechen is about 5 months old and weights a little more than elizabeth...but hey I think Chubby babies are so mcuh cutier cause you can squeeze them a little tighter without worry :)

it was so funny watching Elizabeth eating her cake, she was being so danty. Just barely even making a mess so Gabe, my nephew could hardly contain climbing up and showing Elizabeth how it was really done.

my grandma chalmers called me up and didn't know what to get elizabeth. i asked her to sing 'somewhere over the rainbow' to elizabeth cause that has always been my favorite song that she sings. my grandma has such a magnificent voice and did a wonderful job and elizabeth just sat there and listened.

my cousin joe and his adorable daughter brighton. his beautiful wife merial wasn’t able to come, but they are so special to us!

elizabeth got so many cool presents which have kept her very busy, so thank you all so much!

landon & mary and brighton are our very dear friends! we try to spend all our spare time with them cause they are so fun and always make us laugh :) brighton and elizabeth will be very good friends!!

Bryce and Rachael with there handsome son Quintin...who Ellie and him have an arranged marriage :)

Camp Zarahemla

march 14, 2008
my whole family were all able to take a break from life and relax at a logde up in morgan. it was so much fun to spend a weekend with my family and just play games, visit, and go sledding. the lodge had these cool sleds, they were chairs with the legs welded onto skies. at the bottom of the hill were a bunch of trees and then a big opening to sled through. when i did the chair sled the steering wasn't fantastic and i was heading straight for these two trees, and i totally threaded them! it was a bit scary i'd have to admit, especially with my family screaming at the top of the hill! it was a lot of fun though, ryan and i even took elizabeth down on a tube. hopefully we can do it next year too.

Goodbye For Now

january 27, 2008
we were generals in the war in heaven and one day when you are in the spirit world, you will be enthralled by those you are associated with. you will ask someone in which time period they lived and you might hear, " i was with moses when he parted the red sea", or "i helped build the pyramamids", or " i fought with captain moroni". and as you are standing there in amazement, someone will turn to you and ask you which of the prophets' did you live in? and when you say "gordon b. hinkley" a hush will fall over every hall and corridor in heaven, and all in attendance will bow at your presence. you were held back six thousand years because you were the most talented, most obedient, most courageous, and most righteous.

Tonight we lost one of my favorite prophets, gordon b. hinkley. he has been a great example of love and service to us. he has also done so much for the church and as a member i am very grateful. he will be missed, and i can only imagine the celebration that is going on in heaven with his return and how happy he is to be reunited with his wife.


january 10, 2008
whenever ryan and i have ice cream with fudge, elizabeth is right by our side with her mouth open like a baby bird.

Sugar, Spice & everything nice

aren't they the best looking buddies! they have so much fun together during the day. elizabeth loves to chase sugar around and sugar loves to give elizabeth kisses, elizabeth even opens her mouth wide to make it a bit easier.

Rock a bye baby

january 10, 2008
while i was finishing my morning workout, i noticed that it was a little to quite. i looked over at elizabeth in her activity center and she is fast asleep.

our little family

my sister-in-law danielle is so talented with photography and she was willing to take our family photos. it was so cold outside, but the pictures turned out perfect!