Saturday, October 31, 2009


where there is no imagination there is no horror.
-sir arthur conan doyle

i have to start by saying that ryan loves halloween! i mean it's his favorite holiday! over christmas people!! i, on the other hand, like halloween, but it's more of like eh...for me. haha, but ryan is such an awesome hubby and so this year i thought i would give him a good halloween, we went to haunted houses this year, and i even dressed up with him. which to be honest, kind of made me like halloween a bit more.
elizabeth picked up on halloween early, she loves candy, so there is no reason not to love halloween. this year i thought for sure that she would want to be a princess, ariel to be exact, since she is obsessed with the little mermaid at the moment. i was excited to persuade her to be snow white, but out of nowhere she informs us that she would like to be a scary pirate. i tried to ride it out, and get her to change her mind. nope, it didn't work, her mind was set. we even ended up getting sugar a costume.
we had a really good night, we went out to the turners a little earlier and enjoyed carving pumpkins with them.
then we ate some delicious soup to warm us up before we headed out into the cold to trick or treat. the kids had such a good time. we even finished the late night with a scary movie.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Pride & Joy

we are a little late on getting these taken, but it's better late then never! here is our pride and joy's 2 year pictures. thanks to my cousin jon!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tough Young Women

when your younger sisters tell you not to come to their volleyball game cause you embarrass them when you cheer for them, you know what you do? go to their volleyball game and cheer for them :)
yeah, they still love me, and it was so fun watching them play and goof off with their friends.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Clevery Triplets

i was so excited to make a visit to our dear friends the cleverly's. recently they just brought their triplets home! yeah, you heard me, triplets, and they are just adorable! evan, mason and madison, they arrived about eight weeks early but as far as i know are doing wonderful.
i was able to hold madison, and she is just a little princess. elizabeth looked a little confused when she saw all the babies, but was quickly distracted by brighton's toys. they played downstairs together while rachael, mary and i caught up and oooed & awwed over the babies. it was so good to see our good friends and can't wait for our next visit.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Castle of Chaos

i have to say that i truly hate haunted houses...i have never been one to find excitement or entertainment in being scared to death by creepily dressed strangers. lol, ryan on the other hand gets giddy just thinking about the thrill of a haunted house.
i haven't ever agreed to go with ryan, and so he has been without that halloween thrill...ryan does so much for me and i love him so much, so i thought 'what is one night?'. i agreed to go get the crap scared out of me...not without some added defenders! it wasn't hard to get my cousin jon and my good friend katherine to come along. we also got my best friend rachael and her hubby bryce, who are always up for s good time.
we all thought we'd make it a night worth wild, so we got a vip pass for two haunted houses. we went to the castle of chaos, which i'm serious when i say i had tears of fear streaming down my face!! some creepy guy forced me into a coffin by myself which led to a chainsaw in my face!! during it all i had to keep reminding myself of how much i love ryan :)
after we barely escaped with our lives, we went to a 3D nightmare mansion haunted house,which was actually really fun. we ended a good night laughing and eating yummy scone cutter.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Fun

it was such a nice fall afternoon that elizabeth and i decided to eat lunch outside with papa at his house. elizabeth loves playing outside, so with it getting colder, we take every chance we get to play outside.
she had tons of fun riding the scooter with mystery, running around with her friend michael and the dogs, to even helping papa smash the leaves down in the trash can. we ended a beautiful afternoon with blowing bubbles, which is her favorite. she thinks it's so funny because sugar races her to the bubbles.