Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Friends

michael and kaylee are two of elizabeth's favorite friends, she just adores them.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Great Grandma Taintor

my dad and mom took elizabeth for a fun visit to see elizabeth's great grandma taintor while i was working.
it's taken a while, but elizabeth has sure warmed up to her great grandma. elizabeth was lucky and got to play with some of grandma's special dolls. grandma taintor was even brave enough to let elizabeth attempt to put lip gloss onto grandma's lips.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

un lugar para mí en tu corazón

Pude hablar con mi primo de Costa Rica esta noche.
Yo le dije a mi mamá mira en mi blog, ya que he actualizado.Pensé que iba a hacer un post especial para mi madre biológica.No, no perder la fe en mí. He tenido un montón de luchas differnt este último año que han puesto a nuestro sueño de traer aquí en espera.
Desde que era un niño pequeño, que siempre ha estado en mis pensamientos todos los días.
Elizabeth digo todo el tiempo sobre lo mucho que todo el amor a ella. Ella todavía duerme con el oso de peluche que me diste.
Te quiero!
Voy a llamar pronto.
Silvia, no se olvidan. Hay un lugar muy especial en mi corazón para ti. Sólo gana cuando pienso en ti hermana.
Te quiero muchísimo a todos!

I'm Soooo Tired....

elizabeth has not been sleeping very well the last few days. i have never been able to let her cry herself to sleep. sunday night i only got 2 hours of sleep because I was up with her. then monday came around and i thought for sure she would sleep like a baby. i was very wrong. she is a little spit fire, and excuse my language, but stubborn as her mommy. i was up trying to put her to sleep, with only having about 3 hours of sleep at that point. around 4am, ryan talked me into letting her cry herself to sleep. i was actually going to go back in her room, but i fell asleep and didn't wake up till 5:30am. ryan went to go check on her, and came and got me. we couldn't find her anywhere. her room however was very messy. it was like she had a blast playing with all her toys after i left her. then we found her! she was sleeping like a her dresser.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

There's Always Space For More

sunday usually always consists of going to my parents for dinner, but ryan thought it would be nice if we had the turners over to our house. we never have actually had them over, cause our place is so much smaller. we thought, lets go for it, and we actually had plenty of space, and a lot of fun! the kids played with our bird blondie, we broke out the mouse trap board game, and even let the two trouble makers escape to the play ground for a bit.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

i love birthdays! always have! this year however, i felt a little down. i read from a journal from when i was about 18, and it was full of dreams and goals that i was determined to have. although being married to a wonderful man, and having a beautiful and full spirited daughter hadn't been on that is now my greatest dream that i hold in my heart. i guess this year, i felt like i would have accomplished more at this age, then i realized that i can change that, and all the sudden those dreams that i wanted so desperately came back to life :)
like i said, i love birthdays, actually i love having any reason to have a party to get together with my family and close friends. holly offered to have it out at her home, and i took her up on the offer! i was bummed to hear that most of my friends didn't really want to make the trek out to west jordan, but i was still excited to be with my family. to my surprise, some of my closest cousins and one of my very best friends jackie came to celebrate with us! i have to say i have the best family and they continue to spoil me with their love!! thank you all so much, i had a wonderful birthday!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hogle Zoo

ryan and i both had the day off, and decided to take elizabeth on a fun little outing to the zoo to see their new arrivals!! elizabeth was so excited to see the baby elephant and baby giraffe. they were so adorable, i wanted to hide them in my purse and take them home with me :)
we had such a good time together. it was so fun watching elizabeth's reaction to all the animals! she is a brave little girl. we were leaving the reptile center, and two young men were bringing a couple snakes back, and they let us touch them. elizabeth went right up to the snakes to pet them.
at the end of the day, we took her to the gift shop and let her pick out a toy. although monkey's have always been her favorite, she became very fond of the baby elephant and picked out a stuffed baby elephant...whom she named horton :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Katiann and William

i wish we saw more of katiann and william, but we enjoy the time we have with them to the fullest. they always fill the room with lot and lots of giggles. elizabeth loves spending time with her sweet cousins and whenever they come over, we always find them all playing in the laundry shoot, and of course in grandmerry and papa's play room. they have the sweetest spirits and we just love them so much.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bondie & Elizabeth

i haven't blogged about our beautiful blondie for awhile, so i thought i would share some pictures. blondie loves to sing, and so everyday our home is filled with beautiful music. i have to say that she is very fond of me, for a reason i am not sure of, but whenever i walk into the room she climbs to the corner closest to me and just sings. ryan on the other hand, takes her out and plays with her, but still she hisses and bites him. blondie used to dislike elizabeth very much, because she would always poke blondie in the head through the cage...but now blondie is warming up to her. she actually sings this one tune when elizabeth is next to the cage, but she will only sing it to elizabeth, it's quite funny.
now you would think that sugar would see blondie as a very delicious meal, but that is not the case. sugar will just lay there on the couch when blondie flies around the house. when blondie sings sugar will just sit by the cage and look at her and as soon as she stops sugar walks away.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sugar, Our Busy Little Bee

my cute little dog sugar loves being outside...because she gets into everything. she loves to dig in the dirt, bark at the birds, chase insects. well, her curiosity finally caught up with her, and she got stung by a bee right on her nose. it was so sad, her poor little snout was very swollen...after she started feeling better, ryan and i couldn't stop laughing at her cute swollen face. i kept making fun of her by blowing up my cheeks, sugar would give me this irritated look, it was so funny.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabe

after amelia's baby blessing we had a small birthday celebration for gabe's 3rd birthday, which isn't until the 8th, but the family was already out for the blessings so we took advantage of our time together. it was cute, earlier gabe and elizabeth were playing downstairs and they came up with costumes on (which explains gabe being in a bunny suit), they thought they were pretty funny.

one of my families all time favorite restaurants is the shanghai cafe. it is the best vietnamese food!! it's my favorite place to go, and i go there every year for my birthday, well it just happens to be gabe's favorite too. so, we all met up there to enjoy some delicious food and yummy chocolate cake.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

ryan and i weren't planning on going up to the cabin, but i'm so glad that we ended up going. we had so much fun with the family. we took katherine with us and that added to the fun. the weather was so beautiful up in the canyon and we kept busy with lots of activities. we played clue, which i realized i had forgotten how much fun board games are! we had a few games of horseshoe, but the best part of the day was riding these tiny bikes on this homemade track. it was so funny watching us all ride around on them, we couldn't stop laughing.
the shumways joined us after dinner. to end the night everyone played a little football. i however had fun entertaining the kids with some bubbles.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Amelia's Blessing

amelia joanne turner was given a blessing by her amazing father today. the turners had a gathering afterwards, and it was so nice to visit with so many of my cousins and, yes i waited patiently to have my turn to hold sweet amelia.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Curly Cutie

i did my hair curly the other day and elizabeth told me she wanted her hair to be pretty like mommy's. elizabeth sat and giggled while i put curlers in her hair, and after we took them out she kept looking in the mirror and smiling at herself.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


elizabeth and i played outside blowing bubbles while enjoying the nice weather.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Modest Mouse Concert

many of you know that dave matthews band and modest mouse are my two favorite bands. i go see dave almost every year, and i was so excited to go see him again this year since his tour was canceled last year. i haven't ever seen modest mouse in concert because they never come to utah. well, i heard on the radio that modest mouse was coming to town this summer, and i was overjoyed...until i went to go buy ticket and realized that dave and modest mouse were coming the same night! i quickly bought tickets for modest mouse and have been anticipating it since!! the day of the concert finally came and i was giddy all day long to go hear issac brock sing sweet music to me :) the concert was at, in the venue, we were able to go up onto the balcony that surrounds the stage, and we were directly in front of the band! it was amazing! they were incredible live and ryan and i had a complete blast! there were so many people at the concert and we were all crammed arm to arm jumping around screaming and singing, it was great!! i can't wait to see them in concert again!! also, although i have been bummed about not seeing dave matthews. my best friend rachael called me to inform me that dave was canceled again and that we still can go see him! my camera isn't the best, so it didn't give modest mouse the justice they deserve on the sound from the video clips, but i hope they make you feel all warm and tingly inside like they do for me :)