Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

October 31, 2008
ryan and i weren't really planning on taking elizabeth trick or treating, because i thought she might still be to young to understand the concept. we were so wrong! she had such a great time! we took her through our neighborhood and then my parents and she was loving the fact that her purse was filling up with candy. she wouldn't let anyone hold her purse and when we did she'd say "my candy". she has always had a very wise and old spirit, but on Halloween it was even more apparent to me.
after we took her trick or treating we went and partied with our friends. we had such a good time! we went to the cleverly's home and then the garff's met us there as well. i got some cute pictures of quintin, brighton and ellie all together.
the kids had fun getting into all the candy. while the adults playing a lot of wii, which i learned how good at golf i truly am. it was a great Halloween!

Falling Leafs

October 31, 2008
our tree has been loosing some of it's leafs lately and elizabeth loves the leafs. every time she is out in the yard she brings a handful of them into the house with her. well this morning we went to take our dog out and most of the leafs on our trees had filled our yard during the night, elizabeth got so excited! she ran into the yard and stared throwing the leafs in the air. we all had a good time playing in the leafs together!