Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Elizabeth's Preschool Graduation

My baby graduated from preschool today! I cant believe that she is ready for Kindergarten! Thank you Miss Gail for all your hard work, Elizabeth will miss you! I'm so proud of you Elizabeth!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tony's Baptism

I feel so grateful to have the Charlie family apart of our lives! They are the kindest, funniest, honest, most compassionate family you will ever get the pleasure of being a part of. I'm so happy we were able to be a part of Tony's baptism! We are so proud of you Tony! Thank you John and Hoku for your love and friendship, we love you guys!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Motherhood - The Highest and Noblest of Work in this Life

“Most of you are mothers, and very many of you are grandmothers and even great-grandmothers. You have walked the sometimes painful, sometimes joyous path of parenthood. You have walked hand in hand with God in the great process of bringing children into the world that they might experience this estate along the road of immortality and eternal life. It has not been easy rearing a family. Most of you have had to sacrifice and skimp and labor night and day. As I think of you and your circumstances, I think of the words of Anne Campbell, who wrote as she looked upon her children: You are the trip I did not take; You are the pearls I cannot buy; You are my blue Italian lake; You are my piece of foreign sky. You [mothers] are the real builders of the nation wherever you live, for you have created homes of strength and peace and security. These become the very sinew of any nation. -Gordon B. Hinckley I was overwhelmed with emotions today feeling so grateful to be a mother to my beautiful girls! I feel so lucky that Heavenly Father has blessed me with so much! They are my Pride and Joy and I am grateful for all they have and continue to teach me. I hope all you beautiful mothers had a fantastic Mother's Day!