Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary

July 30, 2008
ryan and i have been married for 3 years and i still think that i'm the luckiest women to have him by my side. i knew from the moment i saw him that he would be my husband and two weeks later when we started dating we became inseparable. ryan was only 19 when he proposed so it was unexpected, but we were completely in love and i said yes! we have shared so many incredible memories since the day we were married, but if i had to pick i'd have to say accepting the gospel into our lives and going to the temple together, it has transformed us and taught us more than i could ever have dreamt. having an easy pregnancy and welcoming the most beautiful baby girl into our heart. elizabeth is the sunshine of our life, she has given us happiness that only her little spirit could give us! all my memories that i share with ryan are full of laughter and joy. i love him so much and can't wait to continue our adventure together!

Happy Birthday Ryan

July 26, 2008
thismoring we came down from the cabin and went straight to my parents for ryan's
23rd birthday party! we had our family and friends come and we all had fun swimming and laughing! ryan of course got spoiled by everyone that loves him with many great presents. the weather was perfect for a pool party too, and once the party died down, we didn't end the fun there. we went out to dinner with some wonderful friends, landon and mary, elizabeth and my cousin jonathan. after dinner we all went and saw the dark knight...which i still have butterflies from! finally we made it home a little after midnight to relieve our favorite babysitters faith and mystery and then ryan stayed up and played with his wii! it was a good ending to a great day! happy birthday babe! i hope all your wishes came true!

ryan let elizabeth help him blow out his candles!

ryan, elizabeth, grandma julia, rodney-ryan's dad, and royce-ryan's uncle

ryan, rodney and randy-ryan's brother

jon hiller, jonathan, ryan and ellie

isabella,mary and her daugher brighton, holly and hayley

elizabeth and i splurged to surprise ryan with a wii...and he loved it!

Pioneer Weekend at the Cabin

July 24-26,2008
we spent our holiday weekend up at the taintor cabin. the weather was wonderful up in the mountains and spending time with my family is one of my favorite things to do. we completely enjoyed ourselves, the weekend was full of excitement. my grandma taintor was there and it was so nice to visit with her and her cute friend keith. the turners headed up on friday and that added to our fun. we spent time reading books, visiting with our cousins, playing card games, hiking up to red rock, playing domino's, eating yummy food, roasting marshmallows. i have to say being at the cabin wasn't the same with out adam, danielle, kennedy, seth ans caleb. i normally don't get in the river and go tubing, but i love to watch all the kids get in. i thought about how adam just loves getting in the river and rarely misses the opportunity to take his kids in for some fun. so i got in my swimming suit and put on my river shoes and got in the river with everyone! i even took elizabeth down on a tube and she loved it! afterwards i was so glad that i had got in because it reminded me of when i was younger and how much fun i used to have. i can't wait to go back up to the cabin this summer so i can take another trip down the river with elizabeth.


Fun in the Sun

July 22, 2008
one of my favorite things to do in the summer since i was young was to go swimming in my parents pool. i have always loved to soak up the sun and relax and now i get to do that with my baby girl! my big sis holly brought all her kids out before they started school and also her friend shalynn and her kids. we had a wonderful day to just be with all the kids and enjoy ourselves! elizabeth always has a blast at grandmerry and papa's...the pool is just a plus! she loves to play in her kiddie pool, but when she notices how much fun we are having in the big pool she always wants to join us, but only if she has a floaty.

Ellie and Quintin

July 12,2008
my dear friend rachael and her husband bryce have the most handsome little boy named Quintin. whenever elizabeth and him are together they always flirt with each other. Quintin is very charming.

Elizabeth's Name Sake

July 11, 2008
i have been meaning to get a picture of elizabeth and my very best friend elizabeth leavitt for a while now. elizabeth leavitt and i have been close friends since i can remember! she is like a sister to me and has always has been. she has so many great qualities that i love about her. she has always been so loyal, honest, patient, strong in anything and everything that she believes in, intelligent, gorgeous and full of compassion. she carries herself in a way that i hope our little elizabeth will someday and that was all we needed to convince us to give our elizabeth such a special name sake. elizabeth leavitt returned home in march from Guatemala after serving a LDS mission and was able to meet our little elizabeth for the first time! ryan and i are so glad that we named her elizabeth because it fits her wonderfully.