Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

August 29-30, 2008
i love labor day, because it means we have another chance to go enjoy the cabin with the family! we had such a good time! although the river was way to cold to get into...well not for my niece bella though, she was the only brave one to get in. we still took advantage of our time up there. we spent a lot of time relaxing and playing different games with all the kids. grandmerry helped all the girls make jewelery, and papa took the kids on a bunch of different hikes. scott tried to show us how to build a fire, but eventually we had to break out the matches. i was able to read and finish stephenie meyers twilight series. elizabeth had a blast chasing the dogs around and playing with her cousins.
holly is right about one thing though, it's times like these that a huge part of our family is missing! i can't wait till adam, danielle, kennedy, seth and caleb will be back up making memories at the cabin with us! we sure miss you guys!

Play Date

August 28, 2008
i've come to realize that mom's need to have play dates to keep their sanity. it's good for the kids, but in reality it's mostly for the mothers. i love having my girlfriends over with their sweet kids! mary and her daughter brigton came over. brighton is taking her time to walk but teased us by standing by herself and smiling. then rachael came with her adorable son quintin who has the most beautiful blue eyes! rachael also brought her sweet little niece berkeley who had a blast playing with the babies! i'm so glad i have such great girlfriends!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Brush Your Teeth

tonight after elizabeth's bath, she got super excited when ryan said he was going to brush her teeth. it's funny watching her mouth turn into this smile/grin to show her teeth so we can brush them. she loves it the most when she gets to do it herself though.

Playing Around with Sugar

today while i was blogging, i could hear elizabeth laughing and squealing in the other room. i went to see what was going on and she was playing with sugar and having a good old time.

This Is What Happens...

August 24, 2008
this is what happens whe you don't buckle your child in their high chair! elizabeth always thinks she is so funny cause she get's up in the table part of it and dances. she hasn't got up again after her little fall right into the seat.

Playground Fun

August 22, 2008
the townhomes that we live in have a little playground and elizabeth loves the slide! she's getting so big, she'll go down by herself and then climb the stairs to get to the top to do it again! it's so fun to watch the smile on her face.

Cabin Trip

August 15-16, 2008
we had another fun trip to the cabin with my parents and my youngest siblings. it's getting to be a bit more cold, but we still had a great time. we enjoyed just sitting around talking, playing horse-shoe, and elizabeth had fun coloring in the trailer with grandmerry. my dad spent a lot of time fixing up my grandma's sitting deck. there was also a bunch of distant relatives up at their cabin and they had a ton of dogs with them, so we all enjoyed playing with the cute puppies. it was a nice weekend.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Give Me More

August 14, 2008
I have the most talented daughter. if there is something she wants, like a treat, and you have it in your hand, but it's more than she can hold. she always manages it somehow, with her little fingers and just using one hand she'll take all of it. then she'll put it all in her mouth, and even store it in her cheek like a hampster. it's the funniest thing, she did it with papa the other day and we were just laughing.
well ryan and i were just playing the wii the other night and elizabeth walks in the room with two Binky's in her was so funny!

Dance Baby Dance

August 14, 2008 it was so funny, elizabeth was just letting loose and dancing all over the place, i just caught the end of it, but it was super funny watching her cute personality.

Daddy's Girl

August 10, 2008
it was such a nice day, so after church we just sat outside on the front porch. elizabeth climbed right up next to her daddy, she is such a daddy's girl.

All Aboard

August 9, 2008
we went to out good friends the cleverly's and they have the sweetest daughter brighton who just turned a year. elizabeth found a lid to a box and her and brighton wanted a ride in it, so landon pushed them around in it and they had so much fun. they were smiling the whole time and when he stopped they weren't happy, they kept getting back into the lid.

Messy Face

August 4,2008
elizabeth has never had a problem with us feeding her, but i think she has hit the age that she wants to do it herself. when i watch her make a huge mess, i have to remind myself that it's okay, this is how she learns. it is a slow process, but she's i get cute pictures out of it.

Pool Party

August 2, 2008 we had a family pool party to celebrate mariah's 7th birthday. it was so much fun swimming with the family! we had just bought elizabeth a life jacket so we wouldn't have to worry so much if she were to fall in the pool. she actually doesn't mind it. it was nice to, cause kateyann and william (benjamin's kids) were there, and they are just the cutest kids!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lucy Made a Couple Friends

okay this picture was taken awhile ago, like early july or so. this was my cousin jonathan's puppy lucy. he brought her over one night and elizabeth and sugar chased her the entire time she was at our house, it was very entertaining to watch.