Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Friend Sugar And I

October 28, 2008
i could blog over and over about how much elizabeth loves sugar! she loves this dog! she is always trying to hug and kiss sugar, elizabeth laughs the most during the day when sugar chases her around the house, elizabeth just giggles like crazy. they sure love each other!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

soñando con la abuela Alba

el 7 de octubre
Elizabeth duerme con su osito de peluche todas las noches.
i mostrar sus fotos de todos ustedes todos los días y en ella los puntos y sonrisas.
Estoy aprendiendo mucho en mi clase de español. la parte difícil que es recordar.
mi corazón se abrumado cuando pienso en cuánto tiempo he soñado que aquí Alba a mi casa y compartir mi vida con usted!
te quiero! todos ustedes en mi corazón.
no vamos a perder la esperanza, sé que nuestros sueños se harán realidad!
abrazos y besos

for those who don't know, i am currently in the process of bringing my birth mom alba here to the united states for a visit. she was denied her visa early september and we have high hopes that in january when we re-apply we will get our wish.
ryan, my dad and i are currently enrolled in a spanish class and i feel totally out of my comfort zone and feel like...i'm learning another language :)'s been fun though, we all laugh a lot during class cause when our teacher makes us talk to each other we tease that we sound like were stuck in a spanish prison and we don't know what the heck we are saying!
the teddy bear that ellie is sleeping with alba gave me as a gift when i went to costa rica when i was 18.
anyway for those who will go crazy if they don't know what i wrote, this translation is for you.
elizabeth sleeps with this teddy bear every night.
i show her pictures to her of all of you everyday and she points at them and smiles.
i'm learning much in my spanish class, the hard part is remembering it.
my heart gets overwhelmed when i think of how long i have dreamt to bring you here alba to my home and share my life with you.
i love you! you are all in my heart.
let us not loose hope, i know our dreams will come true.
hugs and kisses.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yes, I know I'm a Princess

October 3, 2008
ryan went and bought ellie this dress and she loves it! when she isn't wearing it, she brings me her teddy bear and has me put it on her bear to wear. although she doesn't need a dress to know that she's our princess.

speech festival

September 28, 2008
in the spring of 1842, the prophet joseph smith sent a letter to john wentworth, who was editor of a newspaper called the chicago democrat. this letter contained an account of many of the events of the early church history, the documents also contained thirteen statements outlining latter-day saint beliefs. these have come to be known as the articles of faith.

every year the youth in the stake have the opportunity to participate in what is known as the speech festival. the whole stake is giving a topic for the youth to pick from. each ward gets to send a speaker to the stake speech festival. this year the youth was given the topic of the 13 articles of faith. there were a lot of kids from the ward that spoke and they all did an wonderful job. it was amazing to listen to the youth of the ward and hear their testimonies!
jonathan spoke on the 13th article of faith and focused on honesty. mystery spoke on the 1st article of faith and talked about the holy ghost. faith was chosen last year from the ward to represent at the stake. she did a great job this year too. she spoke on both the 11th and 13th article of faith and spoke about love, tolerance and charity. they all did a wonderful job and we are so proud of them!
this year ashley lovell represent the ward and her speech was incredible! she received 3rd place at the stake speech festival. i can't wait till next year to hear our youth speakers again!