Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonathan & Faith

i can't believe that jonathan and faith are already 14 years old!! although i was young, i will never forget the very first moment i saw them, and i knew they were meant to be part of our family. they were just learning how to walk when we brought them into our home. i would follow them around all day catching them when they fell because i was so worried they would get hurt. i used to read jonathan dick and jane books all the time, and even now i enjoy reading to him. i remember after playing with them, i would lay on the couch and i would set faith on my legs and tell her to tickle my back, and we would take turns for hours...i have so many memories of them growing up and i love spending time with them still because i don't want to miss a moment!!
we all got together to celebrate, jonathan was excited to get a mountain bike, he really loves playing outside. faith is more of a social butterfly, and she was very excited to get an ipod.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Big Smile

February 2009
elizabeth is so full of life...she always comes up to my randomly during the day and just smiles really big, like she knows something that i don't. she brightens our life so much for her beautiful smile and big personality.